Below is a sampling of our work along with past and current clients.
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Flair Marketing and Advertising was instrumental in creating the first national advertising campaign featuring
Dr. Jeffry Life for Cenegenics Medical Institute. The campaign was so successful, it launched the Las Vegas-based company onto the national stage. Flair went on to create another series of successful national print ads, national television commercials and managed the entire marketing department.

  no! no! Hair, owned by Radiancy Inc, is the nationally recognized hair removal system that offers  
    consistent, long-term results with no pain. Flair’s creative arm rises to the occasion once again by  
                  designing clean, attractive and most of all, effective national ads for no! no! Hair.

Inpelle Leather Passion offers custom-made, hand-crafted Italian leather car mats and trunk liners. Flair operates as Inpelle’s international liaison, as well as their marketing and advertising firm.

                                             Flair's creative team designed an extensive ad campaign for Soma-Therapy ED.
                                                                   The designs are featured in national publications such
                                                                                  as Parade, USA Today and Newsweek.

For nearly 10 years, Flair Marketing has been instrumental in getting a wide range of publicity for the physicians of Coastal Fertility. From regional and local live television and radio, to newspapers and magazines, Flair’s job is to keep the CFS name alive in the media. Flair also oversees the CFS website and social media, handles all the advertising campaigns and marketing for special events as well as print and design creative.

      Using the latest in underground shelter technology, Greeneye builds luxury 
         underground shelters offering protection against both natural and nuclear
             disasters. Flair's creative team launched an international ad campaign
              appearing in publications such as DuPont Registry and Emirates Air.

On the cutting edge of Age Management and Lifestyle Medicine, The Parvus Center, headquartered in Vero Beach, Florida is helping men and women reverse the aging process and live healthier, longer lives. Flair Marketing works closely with the practice to design and develop their website, create their company brand, manage all social media, and create and place print/online ads, just to name a few.

Ocha Baby features organic, tea-dyed baby couture, embroidered with initials and embellished with patches fashioned from vintage and up-cycled baby blankets. Flair Marketing oversees the national public relations campaign for the baby clothing line, which is quickly becoming everyone’s go to gift for baby showers. In addition, Flair
                     manages the company’s social media as well as their website.

One of South Carolina’s hottest and eco-friendly restaurant groups, Triangle Char & Bar is on the cutting edge of culinary creativity and community responsibility. Flair has worked with Triangle on its branding, advertising, marketing and PR from its inception in 2006.

         Flair is excited to assist Hudson Family Farms with the PR, branding and marketing efforts for their Local Harvest Share. Hudson Farms offers a wide variety of produce picked and conveniently delivered to local drop sites. Customers are able to enjoy fresh SC certified fruits and vegetables from their own local farmer, a hot trend that's sweeping the nation! “Food shares are a great way to support local farms. The weekly surprise makes it fun.”  Celebrity Chef, Jamie Oliver (taken from November 
                                                 2011 issue of Glamour Magazine)